Filling materials: «Jacquard» fabric, 3D Aerosystem, Spandbond, Latexform, Coconut coir, Wool filler Cotton filler

Maximal load per one sleeping accommodation: 120 kg

Height: 21 см

Construction: Winter/Summer

It’s the orthopedic mattresses on the basis of an innovative material with a porous structure «Latexform» and natural coconut coir with latex, is a perfect solution for people who cares about their health and well-being. This mattress is created using a unique, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material «Latexform» mattress has a pronounced orthopedic effect. The different degrees of hardness surface products is achieved through the using of flooring made of natural coconut coir mattress has a summer party, giving it more elasticity. The jacquard cover with the effect of "winter-summer" will create a good climate all year round.

Mattresses in vacuum packaging are made with high quality materials and using best European equipment. The quality of mattresses manufacturing are checked on each stage of production according to international quality control system ISO 9001. These mattresses are incredibly comfortable to deliver, they are easy to unpack and sleep on them is great.


This eco-friendly material is deservedly considered as one of the most durable and strong. Used in orthopedic mattress as an insulator of soft layer to spring block. It has two functional load: do not allow pillowtop mattress affect the soft layer, preventing premature wear, and provides additional flexibility and strength to orthopedic mattress. Also it provides uniform load distribution across the mattress.

Natural needle felt fillers

Wool filler contains natural wool fibers held together by needle-punched method. It is used in filling the mattress from a winter side, it has thermoregulation properties that support the body temperature.

Cotton filler contains natural cotton fibers held together by needle-punched method. It is used in filling the mattress from a summer part to dissipate the heat generated by the sleeping man.

Natural needle felt fillers consist of natural fibers of different compositions. It gives more comfort and convenience features.

Coconut coir

For sure natural, environmentally friendly material that is made of coconut fibers. With its antibacterial properties coir does not rot even at high humidity conditions and maintain an elasticity. Coconut coir is anti-allergenic material and is used as one of the most rigid fillers for the mattresses.


Company Neolux is leader of innovation and development in the field of orthopedic mattresses, improving the quality of sleep and rest, the first in Ukraine has introduced a unique system of microclimate - 3D AEROSYSTEM. This special engineering solution that provides optimal ventilation and moisture for man during sleep and rest. The structure of the system allows to air and moisture passing through the mattress layers easily get out of it in all directions. Special and unique part of the design is a three-dimensional aerostripe that is integrated into the side of the mattress around the perimeter. Aerostripe is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and hygienic. At the moment, aerators which are used in mattresses of majority of domestic manufacturers have a cross-section that is hundreds of times smaller than a modern innovative 3D aerostripe. It consists of a plurality of interwoven fibers that form cells of a specific geometrical shape, which makes possible for air and moisture to circulate. The outer and inner cells of different diameters are interconnected by transverse fibers that give the material elasticity and continued flexible form. The integration of 3D aerostripe in the side of the mattress is only possible in a modern factory which has a special high-tech equipment. Currently three-dimensional Aerostripe that is integrated into the side of the mattress use well-known international manufacturers such as Pirelli, Simmons, Scholl, Hulsta, Dunlopillo, Serta, Dorelan, Lordflex. Due to the design features of 3D AEROSYSTEM motions of sleeper promote the free flow of air inside the mattress, several times enhancing natural ventilation creating an absolute microclimate of dream. Mattresses Neolux are the most advanced since in addition to the highest orthopedic properties of ideal purity and freshness of sleeping space, thanks to the revolutionary technology of 3D AEROSYSTEM.

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Orthopedic mattresses Neoflex Bio 3D

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