Pillow and box for linen as a gift
Mechanism: “accordion”
Width of the sleeping accommodation: 120 up to 180 cm
Length of the sleeping accommodation: 200 cm
Dimensions: 120-180x105x87 cm
Filling material of the mattress: foamed polyurethane, polyester fiber completed into mattress fabric
Sofa frame: metal, wooden orthopedic lamellas
Movable tick: given
Linen box: given
Height of seat: 40 cm

The sofa frame with longitudinal arrangement of the lamellas in middle and front parts of the sofa, the load onto the lamellas is distributed more evenly making orthopedic effect better. The possibility of falling out or breaking of the lamellas is minimized. The width of the lamellas is 68 mm.

Movable part of the sofa is equipped with rubber-coated casters that do not scratch the floor.

Sofa-bed Novelty of “Accordion” system has main advantage – it is easy to unfold. With one movement, pulling the seat of the sofa/armchair, transform sofa or armchair into the comfortable bed. To fold the sofa, lift the seat until the click and push. The sofa can be set tight close to the wall.

A mattress can serve as a seat: the upper layer is high elastic foamed polyurethane, lower layer is foamed polyurethane of higher hardness. The sleeping accommodation is high and flat.

All over the surface there is foamed polyurethane of higher hardness.

Hardwood lamellas provide orthopedic effect.

Movable mattress tick is an additional facility to keep upholstery of the sofa and armchair in good condition.

Because of you can choose the size of the model – sofa Novelty of “Accordion” system will be easily positioned in any room.

It is the versatile facility for your rest. It is excellent option for small rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

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Sofa-bed for everyday sleep Novelty 02

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